Expert's Choice

Gaber Acoustic Systems is a contemporary collection of acoustic panels and sound absorbent lighting systems.The collection is the favourite choice of numerous interior decorators and architects, used in private homes as well as in offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, breakout and public spaces.



Top End Flexibility

Marathon is the top end of our screen series and comprises of 40mm thick panels which can be part or fully glazed, straight or curved.



Economical and Effective

Flite is a desk mounted partition featuring rounded edges and a tough PVC trim. Available in any width up to 2metres and any height up to 600mm above the desk, Flite is an economical range of desk top screens. Flite can be manufactured in any camira or bradbury fabric.



Functional and Attractive

Sprint is a desk mounted partition featuring alumnium end posts. Available in any width up to 1800mm and any height up to 1800mm , Sprint KTX is an functional and attractive range of desk top and freestanding screens. Sprint KTX is available in either silver or white painted frames with optional linking strips available to create long connected rows.

Sprint KTX can be manufactured in any camira or bradbury fabric. 



Increased Productivity

Our new PODIUM screen system really does enhance the office environment. Allowing designers and specifiers to create numerous solutions to an ever changing workplace.

Available with a number of configurations, styles, finishes and accessories, PODIUM is a ‘current‘ range that meets today‘s workstation demand. Designed for ‘sharing‘ the workspace and improving on efficiency allowing increased productivity and multitasking.